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Sign up for Lent 2020

Hello, everyone. I want to invite you to contribute to Songs in the Desert for Lent 2020. You can sign up here . Songs in the Desert is a collaborative audio project about Christian hymns and our responses to them. This project will be available to listen to as a podcast and on this website every weekday during Lent 2020. So, what is your favorite hymn and why? Or what's a hymn that speaks to you? The hymn you choose does not be Lent-specific (and Alleluias are okay!). A different contributor is sought for every day of the project, and you can sign-up here: This sign-up sheet is for the date by which you will submit your finished reflection. This deadline is two weeks before the day your reflection will air. (For example Feb. 13 will air on Feb. 27; Mar. 2 will air on Mar. 16; etc.) Submissions may be text or audio (you can record yourself with whatever you have; the voice memo app on your smartphone works well for